Community Service

Smile Island has a deep passion for helping others in our community and around the world. We regularly participate in various community activities and organizations. We frequently donate our time and services to treat children and adults who have no resources to pay. Our doctors select a mixture of organizations to belong to and serve in leadership capacities. Dental missions around the world are also a common occurrence for both the adult and pediatric dentists.

Sacramento District Dental Society (SDDS)

Both Dr. Cindy and Dr. Kelvin have been members of the Sacramento District Dental Society (SDDS) since 1989. Dr. Cindy chaired the Dental Health Committee at the dental society for six years. While she was chairman, she wrote a brochure on early childhood dental decay that is now distributed annually to several Sacramento community organizations for teaching purposes. She also helped to start a program that provides dental care to pregnant mothers who participate in drug rehabilitation programs. Dr. Cindy was honored to be given the President’s award and the Community Service award from  SDDS. Dr. Kelvin wrote a monthly article for the dental society publication that helped other dentists with cosmetic dental care. He also provides full mouth cosmetic rehabilitation for patients who are referred to him by the dental society or other dentists under extreme circumstances such as prolonged Methamphetamine use or homeless women who want the ability to find a job.

Smiles for Kids/Give Kids a Smile

This program was started many years ago by Sacramento dentists and is now spread throughout the United States. Every first Saturday in February dental offices across the country open their doors to provide free dental care for underprivileged children. Our local program is run by SDDS and benefits children who are not eligible for dental care through state or county programs but desperately require care. Each February since this program started Dr. Cindy and Kelvin participate and open their offices to screen, x-ray and treat 70-100 Sacramento children per year. Smile Island hosts an array of compassionate and highly professional dentists, hygienists, registered dental assistants, auxiliary staff members, and interpreters to treat as many children as possible. It is a highly rewarding experience and genuinely enjoyed by all who participate.

Adopt a Child

The SDDS Foundation often provides assistance to dentists who would like to help children or young adults achieve optimal dental health. Both Dr. Cindy and Dr. Kelvin have participated in adopting several children and teens in need of care through this program.

Backpack Drive

Our combined offices annual summer service project consists of working with Volunteers of America to provide back-to-school back packs loaded with supplies to children who would otherwise not be able to afford them. We purchase and fill thirty five back packs and challenge our neighboring dental offices to each fill one or two of them with us.

Adopt a Family

In the month of December we adopt a very special family into our hearts. The staff and doctors get together and donate food, domestic supplies and gifts for one or more of these exceptional families within our community.

First Five of Sacramento

Dr. Cindy spent six years as a First Five of Sacramento Commissioner. This Sacramento County organization supports the healthy development of children zero to age five, the empowerment of families and the strengthening of communities. First Five provides funding through Proposition 10 to several programs; breastfeeding, nutrition, quality early childcare and education, community grants, fluoridation, effective parenting, medical and dental insurance and school readiness.As a First Five of Sacramento Commissioner, Dr. Cindy started five pediatric dental clinics throughout the Sacramento area for low income children as head of the Sacramento Children’s Dental Task Force.

Traveling Dentists

Smile Island Dentists have provided care to hundreds of people around the world. Dr. Cindy and Dr. Kelvin went as Ambassadors to China with the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and were able to visit several Universities and public dental facilities in Beijing and Shanghai to observe and learn about children’s dental care in China. Dr. Cindy and Dr. Kelvin were able to travel to the Philippines in 2008 and help provide dental care to over 600 people in remote areas of the country. In the spring of 2009, the doctors continued their work as dental missionaries in Peru, treating hundreds of people in Cusco and Lima. In 2015 they traveled, with their children, to Guatemala to provide care to several local children and adults. Our other doctors have seen patients in Malawi Africa, Mexico’s Yucatan and St. Lucia with Health Volunteers Overseas.